The Boy Who Cried General David Woroboff applies the Six Sigma methodology to the telemedicine tools he develops

David Woroboff applies the Six Sigma methodology to the telemedicine tools he develops

In recent years, certification under the Six Sigma methodology is increasingly frequent within the skills requested in service and manufacturing jobs. It can be applied in any process, including telemedicine. It is also considered a complex problem-solving technique. She is data-oriented, customer focused, and results-driven.
A person with a high Sigma level, like Mr. David Woroboff, has achieved an optimal quality level, has high stability, knows how to obtain customer satisfaction, is under control, and easily establishes measurement mechanisms within the organization’s processes.
Six Sigma is a methodology for carrying out projects that improve the quality of a process. This methodology is based on statistics to measure the defects or errors present in a process and reduce them until it is as close as possible to zero. This guarantees total customer satisfaction. David Woroboff applies this methodology to the telemedicine tools he develops, ensuring that patients are completely satisfied when they are treated.

To achieve goals effectively

Applying a Six Sigma methodology within your company helps workers more effectively manage their time, resulting in greater efficiency for your company by having more productive employees. Users are asked to set goals and apply Six Sigma principles to achieve those goals.
By having a Six Sigma black belt like David Woroboff in place, the company can build a team of experienced employees at all levels within their organization and from each functional department.
Six Sigma works through the use of two secondary methodologies; DMAIC, which stands for Definition, Measurement, Analysis, Improvement, and Control, and which is used for DMADV and existing processes, and also for new processes, which stands for Definition, Measurement, Analysis, Design, and Verification.

A motivating specialist

Unfortunately, most companies embark on projects that end up extending beyond the original timeline, often because of changes to the scope of the project or a change in management of that project. The two methodologies that Mr. David Woroboff applies, because he has the highest hierarchy in this methodology, can get a team of people to apply the method without being specialists.

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