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Dr. Jon Kiev – Providing Quality Care to Patients

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Cardiothoracic surgeons specialize in the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disorders related to the heart, lungs and other vascular structures of the chest. A cardiothoracic surgeon is a doctor who specializes in cardiac and thoracic surgery like Dr. Jon Kiev . He is a medical doctor who specializes in surgery involving the heart and/or lungs. These include heart valve surgery, bypass surgery, replacement of heart structures and treatment of congenital heart defects.

Cardiothoracic surgeons treat patients with diseases and disorders of the heart, lungs, esophagus and mediastinum. The cardiothoracic surgeon is committed to the best possible outcomes for his or her patients. The goal of the cardiothoracic surgeon is to correct disease or damage, so that the patient can resume a normal productive life.

Important Organs of the Body – The Heart and Lungs

A Cardiothoracic Surgeon is a surgeon who treats the heart, lungs, and other organs of the chest cavity. They are specialist physicians who specialize in treating conditions affecting the heart, lungs and other internal organs. A cardiothoracic surgeon is a physician who specializes in surgery of the heart and lungs. CCSA-certified surgeons can treat diseases and repair damage caused by congenital defects, infections, injury or other conditions that affect the heart, lungs and blood vessels.

The cardiothoracic surgeon is responsible for the care and treatment of patients with heart and chest disorders. They operate on blood vessels, heart valves and the structural framework of the chest wall. They are cardiovascular, thoracic and vascular surgery specialists who perform a wide range of procedures designed to treat and alleviate heart ailments.

A cardiothoracic surgeon is a Dr. Jon Kiev who performs heart and lung procedures. These include heart surgery like coronary bypasses, valve replacements, and heart failure treatments. They also perform lung surgeries like lung resections and pneumonectomies.An expert in treating conditions of the heart and lungs, a cardiothoracic surgeon is known for their diagnostic skills and proficiency in performing open-heart surgery.

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