The Boy Who Cried Service Dylan Sidoo has experience researching market trends

Dylan Sidoo has experience researching market trends

Dylan Sidoo has experience researching market trends post thumbnail image

Dylan Sidoo has a degree Cum Laude in Arts and participated in the Harvard Business School, passing the Credential of Readiness. His job offers have valued complementary training in the sector and his digital skills, among others. He has a global vision of how a company works, knows how to lead teams, makes strategic decisions, and has access to a management position such as director of business development.
He has experience researching market trends, building relationships, and using proven methods to develop a great business strategy and retain marketing partners. He is proactive and does not enter into the firefighter’s dynamic of putting out fires as they occur. He takes time to analyze, set objectives, and propose strategies.
A technology company requires a business development representative like Dylan sidoo , with strong interpersonal and communication skills, who focuses on the organization and is more capable of multitasking. Marketing, sales, and analysis as a strategy are very important elements in Sidoo’s profession, along with the ability to establish deals and exceptional negotiation skills.

A professional who achieves the objectives

From the commercial phase to the post-sale and passing through the technical departments. All company functions must participate in business development and contribute knowledge and ideas. How much these departments can contribute will depend on the management and negotiation skills of the business developer. It is not just about selling a project to a client but also selling an idea within the company so that everyone joins and works to achieve the goal.
Dylan Sidoo states that it is a common mistake to think that everything has to be new and that it is unnecessary to investigate existing relationships. However, gaps may appear, even with the most established customer.

He participates in all company processes

Dylan sidoo participates in defining the marketing strategy, develops activities with clients, makes presentations of products and services, acts as a company representative in public events, and, less importantly, can develop its business plan.

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