The Boy Who Cried General Exploring Majorca in Style: The Ultimate Guide to Car hire in Majorca

Exploring Majorca in Style: The Ultimate Guide to Car hire in Majorca

Exploring Majorca in Style: The Ultimate Guide to Car hire in Majorca post thumbnail image

Majorca, also known as Mallorca, is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. It is well-known for its sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and beautiful landscapes. To get the most out of your experience in Majorca, it is essential to have your own transportation. Car hire is the best way to explore the island at your own pace and convenience. In this blog post, we will give you the ultimate guide to car hire in Majorca, from choosing the best company to tips for driving in the island.

1. Choosing the Best Car hire Company

Majorca has plenty of car hire majorca companies, and it can be overwhelming to choose one. When deciding on the car hire company, you should consider the quality of their vehicles, their prices, and the level of service they offer. Some of the best car hire companies in Majorca are Europcar, Hertz and Avis. They offer a variety of vehicles that cater to different budgets and preferences. You can book their cars online or in-person, and they offer various pick-up and drop-off locations throughout the island.

2. Understanding the Rules of the Road in Majorca

Before you hit the road in Majorca, it’s essential to understand the rules of the road on the island. Drivers in Majorca drive on the right-hand side of the road. The speed limit on most of the island’s highways is 120km/h, while the limit on the rest of the roads varies from 20km/h to 90km/h. It is essential to have a valid driving license and insurance when hiring a car. In Majorca, it is mandatory to wear seat belts and to have children under the age of 12 seated in the back of the car.

3. Exploring Majorca’s Driving Routes

Majorca has miles of picturesque routes that are perfect for exploring with a car. One of the key routes is the Serra de Tramuntana, which is a mountain range that stretches from the southwest to the northwest coast. The route offers some of the most breathtaking views of the island. Another fantastic route is the Cap de Formentor, which is a scenic drive that leads to a lighthouse on the northernmost tip of Majorca. Other notable routes include the winding roads of the east coast and the rugged terrain of the northwest coast.

4. Tips for Driving in Majorca

Driving in Majorca is generally safe and hassle-free. However, some situations can be challenging for first-time visitors. One of the tips is to avoid driving in the city centers, where the streets are narrow, and parking can be a challenge. Instead, look for parking spots outside the main towns and walk to the city center. Additionally, keep a GPS or a map handy to navigate the island’s roads easily.

In short:

Majorca is a paradise for travelers who want to explore the island’s scenic routes, secluded beaches, and charming towns. Hiring a car is the best way to get around the island and experience it all at your own pace. By following our guide to car hire in Majorca, you can choose the best car hire company, understand the rules of the road, explore the island’s driving routes, and drive safely and confidently. Happy driving!

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