The Boy Who Cried General The Different Uses of Zebra skin in Artwork

The Different Uses of Zebra skin in Artwork

The Different Uses of Zebra skin in Artwork post thumbnail image


For hundreds of years, the zebra has been a symbol in the large and diversified country of Africa. In African mythology, zebra skin rug is considered to keep particular wonderful qualities that can provide luck, healing, and security. Let’s investigate these mystical components and learn how they are used within African tradition.

The Power of Safety

In conventional African countries, zebra skin was believed to have defensive abilities. It absolutely was considered to fend off evil spirits along with deliver all the best. This belief stemmed from the notion that zebras are watchful pets with eager eyesight, so their skins could be employed to control bad omens or harm. It had been also thought that if you hung a piece of zebra skin over your door, it could keep away any bad vitality or poor luck that may attempt to enter your house.

The Therapeutic Prospective

Zebra skin had also been believed to hold curing powers and a lot of folks tried it for therapeutic purposes. It was actually considered that in the event you touched a bit of zebra skin with the left hand 3 x in succession then rubbed it on an wounded part of the body, it could repair whatever ailment you were experiencing. In a few cultures, the ears or tail hair were even obtained from the zebra cover for usage in folk solutions for a number of diseases or problems.

The Use as Design

Ultimately, many African ethnicities utilized components of zebra conceal as decorations or adornments in their homes or neighborhoods. Men and women would often hang up pieces of zebra cover up in their dwellings to signify prosperity and success or remember considerable situations like weddings or births. Pieces of this unique material were actually also sometimes designed into clothing things including skirts or shawls that could be put on by tribal seniors throughout significant ceremonies or rituals.


Zebra cover up has been a component of African traditions for centuries and will continue to keep a significant place in several standard thinking right now. From supplying protection from awful good luck to possessing recovery powers, the magical properties related to this amazing fabric have already been approved down through many years and yet continue to be related today within many African civilizations all over the world. Whether it’s used for adornment or defense, one important thing is certain—zebra cover up contains a unique area in African tradition that should never be overlooked!


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